International Lovers (Our Private Weekend in the Keys)


There have been times that my sense of taste wonders

It sets out for exploration, venturing into the unknown

Seeking a diversity of eroticism, I journey to places far beyond

Adventure awaits…..


she and I meet

Her eyes slanted

Her pale skin and jet black hair unique

She is oriental; her dialect is Japanese when she speaks

My fingers tips move softy across her petite physique.

Her technique and method are a well learned philosophy

Her flavor reminds me of the lotus flower

She opens and blossoms from  the warm friction and moisture of my tongue

Her thighs tremble like delicate petals swaying in the wind

as she elevates into a tantric climax



Her eyes like the bluest Swedish sky

Her hair like the sun

She is young and open to the world

Her innocence explodes onto my lips

Her hands introduce themselves to my body

Sliping in and out

Studying every curve of me

She seeks an education

in the art of pleasure

I savor the purity of her

The gift she gave to me

från Kvinna till Kvinna, smake jag din oskuld

But it was my travels to the ancient south

 where I discovered love

Her dark brown hair and olive skin

Her hazel eyes and romantic accent

seduced me

She led me to her hiding place

deep within the mountains of the Italian coast

Our naked bodies intertwined

Her kiss gentle and powerful

Her long smooth legs wrapped around the darkness of mine

We moved in rhythm as we sailed the seas of the universe

Together drowning in the void of the mighty O

I lost myself timelessly in her lands

 Donna a donna, facciamo l’amore

My cultural expedition satisfied

My erotic palate fulfilled