A Bad Girl in Black Thigh High Boots Part 2

The other night my ex called with his sexy sweet talking voice. He’s kinda of a smooth operator which made me fall for him in the first place. He always knows what to say to make me rush over. We decided to end our short romance, but we remain close friends who enjoy making love to each other every once in a while. I have to admit when I need sexual stimulation during the long work day, I think of him.  He is a master of the massive female orgasm.

He invited me over; and of course I couldn’t resist. I oiled and perfumed up; then slipped into my black thigh high boots. Before I left, I checked my appearance in the mirror. As usual, my ass looked thick and round; my breast plump,scented with Victoria Secret Mango Temptation. This time instead of bra and thong panties, I  wore a black leather corset to match my boots. I couldn’t wait to see my love. He knows how to please his girl.  Just the thought of him got me wet as I drove down to Aventura. I had a wonderful private weekend with my girls and a friend, but my ex made me crave more.

Finally I made it to his place, he opened the door and grabbed me around the waist. He looked so damn sexy. Then, he opened my coat to see I had nothing on but the black corset and boots. His beautiful loft filled with marijuana smoke while Trey Songz played in the back ground; you know what was about to happen. He grabbed me up from behind and led me to the bedroom. He pushed my down on the bed face first; my ass arched high in the air and my boots still on. His lips kissed down my back; then his tongue down my ass. His pussy eating skills are grade A. His hand smacked my ass while his tongue licked my soft spot over and over. The thing that I like about him is his dirty conversation during sex. He was like “beg me to fuck you!” He is the man in charge so I have to follow command! Besides I really wanted him to long stroke the hell out of me. I begged him “please go deep! Fuck me baby!” He stood up and entered me aggressively as deep as he could go.  That dick felt amazing like always; his rhythmic stroke and masculine nature made me climax quick. I tried so hard to hold it in, but I never can. I give in to him every time. I can’t resist a real man who makes me feel like a woman when I’m around him. He never makes me feel like a filthy whorish one night stand or some skank on the side. I guess that’s why I keep coming back. He made love to me all night long with my black boots on. The next morning was one of the best mornings I’ve had in months. Damn for the first time I can say I love that man.

A Diamond in the Rough

I’m separating you

from every lover

Every brutal force that

has sought to attack me

I believe in your masculinity

As a superior equal

You are my protection

with a voice of guidance

My support in my darkest hour

You compliment my strength

Never overbearing

and destructive

but caring and stable

Together we will build an empire

out of the wreckage of past love

 I am extracting you

from the barbarians


who seek out to ruin

and weaken

faith in true love that can be found

if the hearts truly desires

I have an understanding

that anything that is worth having has to be worked for

 and you are more than significant

Your devotion is equivalent to my labor

You are a diamond in the rough

My hero

my companion

 I will continue to cherish the good in you

and be your shelter in the storm

I trust in you undeniably

Your word will never be taken for granted

You stand out from the rest

and as a woman who believes in giving praise when its do

I will confess that you deserve respect

and a loyal lover