You Can’t Have It (Who says You”ll Get It Again)(Dedicated to Leslie)

You’ve been a bad boy




I’m going to sit on the edge of this chair

While you stare

From across the room

Don’t you come close to me

Don’t you dare

Touch me

You need to be disciplined


Watch me

as I slightly lift my dress

In the dim light

I open my legs

Lick your lips in lust

As my thighs open and close

Play it off

Be discreet

As the crowd

Sways to the music

You want to taste it

Don’t you

Get it wet and slippery


it purrrrs

Too bad you can’t kiss it

You want to enter me

I won’t allow you to

Feel it

Wrapping tightly around

swallowing you down

Hell no

You can’t have it

I want you to suffer

It’s torture to listen

as it whispers

calling your name

Around me

you just can’t help yourself

And I find satisfaction in your torment

Look at it

Teasing you

The soft pink and brown lips


Ready to be sipped

The way only you can

I’m going to make you beg for it

On your knees

Cry for redemption

Ask for my forgiveness

Come on where’s your courage?

Chase it

Hunt it

in persistence

Until you attempt to take it

Steal it

sexually ambush me

Don’t take no for an answer

Try again until you succeed

Convince me to let you in

persuade me that it’s yours

and your claim is valid

Find the sweetest words

To lure me some where

We can be alone

Master a plan of seduction

tempt me

Like sugar

Melt my resistance

Tell me you appreciate it

How I’m always in your thoughts

and secretly

you worship me

Confess how badly you need it

And no other woman

can handle that dick like I can

Pull me close

never letting go

And just possibly

I’ll let you

Even after the stupid shit you say and do

Maybe I’ll consider the possibilities

Even though you have a fucked up attitude

Plead your case that you are better than any other man

I’m waiting for you to get it right

And perhaps I will let you make love to me