For The Lovers Who Still Believe

You are not afraid

of expressing your feelings

When you fall,

you descend deep


And you prefer

to make love


With every touch

your heart is in it

You unselfishly

give your emotions

You want to be held and caressed

by somebody who has dedicated their soul


That  someone

who you can trust and let go

of that defense you’ve built

In their eyes

you see your future

your home

your babies

your salvation

Someone to be by your side

and will hold your hand through

time and space

You don’t listen to or change with the world

You haven’t lost the battle to  cynicism

You know that some where out there

they live and breathe

You’re a dreamer

a visionary of love

a hopeless  romantic

And you desire

love making to be

apart of something greater

than the now

It’s more of a contribution

to forever

You’re waiting patiently

for that perfect heart

And not just anybody

can give you what you want

It takes a dedicated soul

for that kind of matrimony

You are proud of being traditional

and sentimental

You want to be loved with a love

more than love

To wake up and fall asleep in their arms

you want each day to begin and end

maturing that devotion

And you prefer

to make love only

to someone who’s willing to

give themselves completely

I understand your needs

I feel for you

How lonely it must


To want something greater

then temporary bliss

a momentary need

You’re longing for the companion

that the universe created just for you

Never give up

Don’t lose faith

I know you prefer only

to make love to

the one who’ll be eternally true

and will confess it to the world

I haven’t forgotten what it feels like

to want something so badly

To feel empty and alone

night after night

A time will come

when everything will work out right

To the ones who are crusaders of

real love

Longing for their soul mates touch

They hurt and grieve

Those who aren’t interested in transitory

or an effortless rendezvous

Those who still believe

I wrote this one for you…..