The 1st Encounter


You tell him all the things he wants to hear

You whisper in his ear

How badly you want him to come over


How good you are

You confess how wild he makes you

Explaining detail by detail

Making sure he is expecting a freak just for him

Then when he arrives

You play timid

Scared and shy

Let him be in full control, making the initial move

Make this your first and second encounter

Now he is disappointed, thinking your all talk

He just thinks of you as just a lil girl who is a last resort “Bootycall”

Things are going according to plan.

You wait patiently


Planning his defeat

The third encounter

His guard is down

His expectations are low


A Trojan horse,

You strategize an intelligent attack

Fucking and sucking his brains out


Using every technique of a “freak” remembering everything he told you he likes

You shockingly blow his mind

Surprised, he has no counter defense

No war blue prints

No idea of what’s to “cum”

The 4th and 5th time, as soon as he  opens the door , you jump him and take the control


He is now a prisoner of war

fully surrendered

You own his emotions

his nose is wide open

He openly confesses that it was

You that lured him in

It was your  pussy that whooped him.

He is now all yours

Insanely in love



This is the art of war