A Bad Girl in Chicago

Lately, I’ve had one man on my mind and in my bed. I had a business meet and greet in Chicago but missed my first flight on Saturday morning. Let’s just say I was “roped up!” It only made sense we continue our love affair and he come with me to Chi-town for the holiday. I made my meeting, but decided to halt any  other business for the remainder of the weekend. Our plans are to stay in, relax, and forget New York and work  for awhile.

My girlfriends call him addictive. Yes I’m an addict!  I can’t keep track of how many times we’ve made love in the last 4 days. He is amazing in the sack! He consistently has energy to handle any freaky request that I might have. H e is a breath of fresh air for me. I  haven’t had this kind of relationship since college. I think it’s well over due!

Right now, I’m laying in bed in my hotel room with icing on my thighs and chocolate on my breast.  I think we ended at round 4. He is running a bubble bath and I fear preparing for round 5.  Wow! Listen to me!  I’ve had my freaky nights. I’m a bad girl who can handle her own, but this is unbelievable! I think he is trying to fuck me into a coma! I know a certain girlfriend would laugh if she heard me say that. She did warn me he was a force to be reckoned with. I guess sometimes you have to surrender and bow down to something greater than you. Have a safe Labor day!