Sexy Slow Dancing

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for romance. A guy friend showed up to my door with an Ipod of old school music and a bottle of wine. And my cutie knows that’s all it takes for me. After working all day, I need to unwind and relax. So we stripped down to nothing and dance around the room. Now that’s sexy. His body rubbing against mine as the music plays.  We go from John Legend’s High to Atlantic Star’s Slow jam. Of course we ended up on the kitchen floor. But the way he seduced me to that point was perfect.

I need that interaction that only happens between a man and woman. I welcome a smooth operator, a man that can sway with me. Even a tough girl like me will melt when a man grabs me around the waist and leads me to the rhythm. Remember those old movies when a man would see a girl across the room and try to get up the nerve to ask her for a dance. Then finally when he does and she accepts the entire room stops and there is nothing but them and the music.  That still works for me.

The new wave of party people have it all wrong! I get so tired of going out to clubs and this horrible house music is playing. The guys hang with each other and the girls are dancing on the floor alone. The only man that wants to dance is  the pervert who wants to feel you up. Fucking sickos! Then you have those people who want to sit at the bar and talk. What the hell are they talking about anyway? It’s a night club not a talk show! I would rather be off in the corner with a cute guy dancing and sweet talking. Lately, I just stay home and call someone over.

My new adventure will be finding old school clubs where the men come to meet women and slow dance. Not to talk me to death or stand over in the corner with their boys like they are in middle school. It’s so unattractive. When I find one I will let you all know