Our Beds( The Last to My King)


Blacklove2 Our beds,
Like a universe that is a calm medium
between the fiery worlds of the male and female

He could make me so angry at times
And, I would wait until Friday
Get all dressed up and step out on the town
That phone seemed to ring and ring
Until it gave up and died
I would twirl around that club
One drink
Then two
Only keeping a slight portion of consciousness
Enough to guide me safely to his door

And he knew I would come
He holds my heart captive
Entangled in his spell
It’s like without him
I’m an empty shell
And when he kisses my lips
life begins
I can’t sleep if I’m not wrapped in his embrace
I creep into the room
He lies there pretending
He’s naked because he knows that bare image of him is my weakness
I undress hoping he’s watching
I crawl up and kiss his inner thigh
I lay my head there and close my eyes
Suddenly I forget my anger
I whisper “ I love you “
He opens his eyes and speaks
“prove it”

Our beds,
Like a universe that is a calm medium
between the fiery worlds of the male and female

I’m as bold with my tongue as I am with the technique of my sex
I lash a vicious weapon of words hoping to pierce his heart
His temper boils
He storms out enraged by the verbal abuse I inflict
He won’t answer my calls
ignores my texts
The tears role down my cheeks because I can’t stand for him to avoid me
Anyone else could do the same thing and it wouldn’t matter
but not him.
He enjoys his night out with the boys
laughing and flirting with other women
It’s 3 a.m. and I can’t sleep
without his hands between my legs and his breath on my neck
And he knows I’m waiting
I make sure that I’m wearing his favorite panties and perfume
He always likes to have something to take off
Makes him feel in control
And I know he’s coming over
His heart is here with me
intertwined in the vines of my love

He staggers in drunk
He begins to kiss down the curve of my body
His lips graze my ankle and I melt like sugar
He whispers I’m sorry
and I respond so am I
Sometimes we have the most intense make up sex
and I’m pleasured
But my favorite is those other times when he just falls asleep in my arms
And for me
That’s proof