Winter Love in the City











I wasn’t looking for love, but here it is. I’ve met my equal in every way. My green-eyed lover is smart, sexy, charming and adventurous. A while back the girls and I wrote a list of what we were looking for in a man, and he has met all the criteria. The most important thing is that he can keep up with me in the bedroom or any place we decide to have sex. He’s willing to do anything to please me and he enjoys my kinky side. Like last night we called Emmanuelle and her new new for a little Skype foursome action. Each couple tells the other couple what to do. E and I decided to make a bet to see which one of us could make our men cum first from oral sex. We both think we have the best oral skills and we wanted to prove it. Who won? Wouldn’t you like to know! Wink

I found someone who loves my girls as much as I do. He accepts my lifestyle and deeply cares for me. I’m not the type of woman who needs to be in a relationship. In fact, that’s why I created LIBERATED SLUT, to show women we can have great careers and great sex without love or marriage; and still feel happy and fulfilled. However, if it’s right and fits into the great life I’ve already established; then I will open up to the possibilities.  He confesses his loves me every day we’re together and I have to admit he has my heart.  Like the girls and I discuss, we don’t believe in rushing or defining love. We want things to happen naturally. I don’t worry about the future because I’m too busy living in the present. I don’t want to miss out on what’s going on right now.

I’ve made a few changes without realizing it. Usually I spend my weekends out on the town, but now I prefer staying home in bed cuddled up with his hard fit body. From Saturday to Sunday I experience multiple orgasms and gourmet home cooked food. Yes he’s an amazing chef as well, which is great since the only thing I know how to cook is soup. This is New York, we don’t cook. We have 24hour delivery for everything. I feel bad that I haven’t kept my normal ladies night schedule. But, my girls are amazing; they will always wait on me.  We will never let men come between us and we appreciate when one of us finds an amazing dick. It keeps the conversations interesting. This week, I promise to make time for you Sandra and May. We have to catch up!  I’m passionately in love and my girls are happy. I couldn’t ask for anything more