The Sexual Logic of Immortal Lust (Dedicated to Janet)

I’ve never been a woman divinity that hungered a man
stared down upon him from Olympus with profound lust
accompanied by desire sitting on the tip of my tongue
and succumbed to fear of swallowing it down and savoring the taste
A Goddess never believes in fear
Or denying pleasure
My sexuality alone feeds my immortality
And when it presents itself in a man
In that very second, he is what I want

I never play by mortal rules
waiting and suppressing my urge to make love to him
I have him when I see fit
I give in to passion when I feel it

Sadly mortals worship fear
They live for rules
Order will dismiss chaos
But chaos is inevitable
It will have its time like anything else
But what does this have to do with lust at first sight?

I’m not concerned with disorder
or labels in a earthy realm
If I sit across from a man who words inspire me
To take him and undress him
Lie him down
and open up to his love
Then I make that inspiration action.
And afterwards, I have no remorse
I feel no guilt
I do not think of the unknown or what’s to come in the morning
My concern is that moment
Loosing myself in the beauty of
two souls drifting out into a sea of pure uninhibited sex
It’s freedom to reject defining
or worrying about if love will rear its head
and stake its claim in his heart
I’ve always considered mortal love to be overrated
Limited by time
Shallow and confined
it’s a misuse of the heart and mind
causing stress and the passing of life
Mortals were created to feast on natural impulse
sucking the fruits of sexual ecstasy

The moment I lost myself in the passion of him
will infinitely be a part of me
Locked away, well kept, and preserved in the ultimate high of my memories
That’s what good sex does
It creeps up on you without notice
invades your psyche and
causes these brief flashbacks
shaking your body
and flickers of that labor of lust spills out
It’s a powerful psychological self-induced orgasm
And that’s more sufficient than waiting and suppressing for
uncertain mortal love.
It would be the only reason a goddess would walk among you.