OOH How badly I Want to Give it to You ~To Mr. Aventura

I think you fail to realize

how badly  I wanna give you this pussy

I must confess

that night after night

I lie in bed

my thoughts drifting into the sexual dirty of midnight,

I envision myself driving over to your place

naked with my hands between my thighs

soon to be knocking at your door

I don’t care who sees me

I’m on a mission

and my focus is you


I knock impatiently

and when you open the door

I insist you let me inside

My obsession overwhelming

I let go of all my pride

I just can’t stand waiting any longer

I lie down in the door way

and spread my legs

“fuck me” are the only words that I speak

I see you stare down at me


It takes all the power I have not to climax

But when you look at me….

when your eyes capture my body

I just want to loose control of my pussy’s emotions

I’ll beg for that dick

If that’s what it takes

Down on my knees

moan and plead

for you to invade me deep with that good dick

Extending firm and rigid

thrusting as hard as you can

tapping my G


It’s now 1 a.m and I know

you have no comprehension of how much I desire

to give you some of this pussy

It whispers for you all through the day

I try to resist her request

But she won’t give up

She got that fever bad for you

all she wants to do is fuck


This bed is on fire at 2.am

from the friction of my body tossing and turning

in every “fuck me” position

I don’t need any sleep to exist

I live for the flashbacks of

when you beat that shit

Destroyed it

You ah beast

and I’m your territory

What happen to us?

How did we loose that passion,

that insatiable lust?


It’s 3 a.m.

my backed is arched

with my ass in the air

my thighs are straddled

and I’m wishing you were here

So far away

You have no Idea

of how urgent the need is to

give you some of this pussy

that I selfishly denied you

But will I ever build up the nerve to find you and tell you

show you?

Or out of fear will I continue to hide?

When I see you will I run quietly away?

My pussy weeping unsatisfied

Regretful because I panicked and froze up

without a “please fuck me” word to say……













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  1. Wow! Busted two nuts reading your these words! Please, please, please keep them cumming!

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