The Ladies Man Poem entitled “AMIE”

In this candle lit room. I welcome you

I am your best

And every time you need to journey

you call on me

The weariness of being

leads you to my door

I will undress you

slowly I unbutton your shirt

And then the rest

My face pressed against your thighs

so smooth and sweet

I listen to you exhale

And the stress disappears into the darkness

I lay you down

even though you never want to give me all your affection

I know you

I’m all you will ever need

Its so warm

I pour the oil down your back and then your legs

back and forth the rhythm of our bodies collide

To the music

We are slow dancing

My hands massage the curves of your back

My nose sliding down your calves

as I kiss each portion of your aching body

I feel your beauty against my fingertips

I love taking care of you

and  telling you all the things you need to hear

I know this is why you return to me

You come back to me over and over

This life takes its toll on you

I will always give to you.

I will be by your side

I will never impose on you

Never ask for too much

I’m simply your escape.

I’m the breeze that blows

The ocean that soothes

I’m your high

Let me expand into your veins

Flowing freely

Breathe into me

And exhale