The Ritual

The Ritual


Please come

To my bed

In a mist of fire light

Let me awaken

to  hungry eyes

that crave me

My taste lingers on your tongue

from the last time

I opened up to you

for the feast

Gather all your strength

holding me down

I cannot run

Each limb

bond and tied

I gasp for mercy

but you don’t feel any sympathy for


The one who has wounded your heart

Clinching your teeth

overwhelmed with fury

rip away each cloth and dressing


I know your dreams

Night after night

I seduce them with

memories of when I gave myself to you

I declared this was your pussy

I kissed your lips and caressed you

in the most sacred of ceremony

Wicked and cold

I deserted you

fleeing with my gift of pleasure

I am

a thief of love

an inflictor of pain and heartbreak

Your obsession for me cultivates

It’s time to take back

that which was stolen from you

The treasure lying

between my legs

Your heaven is my body

now exposed

Soft and vulnerable

Take it!

Perform the ancient rite

Of reclamation

I will swallow and constrict to

every inch of your sword

As it strikes down the resistance

in me

Punish me!

Enter each orifice so I can feel your greatness

I ask for no pity

I’ve been so disobedient


A callous insensitive bitch

I need to be reprimanded

Bend me over and seek your vengeance

As the moon flickers

in the darkness of this room

strike hard and brutal

until my river flows

and tears fill my eyes

Until I cry your name

and give back what it rightfully


This pussy…

In the late hour of night

in these royal quarters

let the ritual begin ….