A little Girl on Girl Action

Don’t get me wrong, I love men! Especially if a man can handle himself in the bedroom! However, I do enjoy a little lady time as well. Now in our fake, overly conservative society, we as women have been told never to admit this in fear of not being respected. But fuck society and its opinions! Because a woman desires a feminine touch, does not make her some wild and crazy sex addict! Not saying there aren’t sex addicts out there. A woman does not have to tell everyone her personal business about who’s in her bedroom. She can keep a certain mystery about herself. But, she does not have to be embarrassed either!

I believe women should have an unbreakable bond between each other. We have to learn how to respect each others sexuality. Not allowing men to tell us the rules on what makes us respectable women in our society. We are the mothers of creation. Besides, how sexy is the idea of two hot women making love to each other? I really can’t think of anything that comes close.  I would rather my boyfriend watch a girl on girl porn than a man and woman. At least I know he is straight. What woman wants to find out that her man was checking out the shaft in a porno?

I believe young women should explore their options. I could not see myself being an older woman without sexual female experimentation. How boring and dull! When I get to a certain age I want to look back and say damn I was a hot little vixen when I was younger! I did a lot of freaky shit and I lived a wonderful full life! Why should men be the only ones who had the best of sexuality in their youth? Our society is so full of shit! It’s so geared to masculine pleasure and happiness. Women try so hard to live up to these dumb standards that they forget how just be and live life. Sad really! Why can’t we be open, feminine, soft women who like other hot feminine women every once in a while; and still be respected and appreciated in the everyday world? I understand it’s a perverted fantasy for men and they just can’t help themselves when they think of two women having sex. However, if a woman does not want that man’s attention or comments then he should back off! But you know the stupid masculine response “Well you put yourself out there like that so what do you expect me to do?” Be a fucking man and respect my decision that you might not do it for me or my fantasies! A woman can be a good wife, mother, and lady of her community and still like women! Female sex doesn’t necessarily replace a man. Actually a lot of times it’s the opposite effect. I for one still want to be with a man in the end no matter what! Also, lesbian and homosexuality is not just about physical intimacy. It’s more about the emotional relationship. So there is no need for men to think women are trying to leave them out of the equation.

So from now on ladies, even if in secret at first, try something different with your sexuality. Open up and live freely! Some of my best sex was with women. And sometimes it’s heavenly when a man joins in on the fun. Especially, one who has the stamina to handle more than one woman at a time!  Let’s build a nation of sexual freedom for all.

The Goddess Queendom

I will love you

I pick you up and

help build you to be

The goddess of earth and

and universe

I’ve experienced physical pleasure


But when I make love to your body and mind

I feel the deepest intimacy

You understand every curve of me

with your lips

Your kiss is passionate

Your touch is gentle

And though we will never

replace our love of our male counterparts

we cherish the sensual interaction between you and me in our hearts

Still hoping one day to unite with

our opposites

to create our own families

We will journey this road together

Turning and weaving

conquering and defeating

Any battle that

is meant to destroy us

and make us loose our focus

I hold your hands

and listen to your song

You embrace me

and believe in my poems

We stand at the origination

of the strongest


female nation

If we continue to struggle together

things will change in our favor

and only get better

We will crush every memory

of a time where we thought that

That we were each other’s enemy

We dance together

In  perfect harmony

The goddess queendom is divine

and on time

Our rule

Let it be

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