The Big Dick Epidemic

sensual 124

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a while since we’ve last talked. I
apologize. I have a confession to make. Lately, I’ve put you on the back burner
because I’ve been enjoying a secret passion of mine. I don’t know how to tell
you this. Mhhmmm it’s going to be hard in more ways than one. It’s very very
difficult to break this to you, since I’ve only told king. Well.….. I kinda
didn’t tell him in English that most can understand. It was more like moans and
groans. Or, you could call it, loud screams  and heavy breathing

Oh fuck it! I’m just gonna come out and admit it……

Diary, you see, I’m addicted to big dicks.. Look ok! I know!
I know!  A woman should never let the
dick get the best of her. We made that agreement a long time ago

But, please, please…..
try to understand my dilemma. I can’t get enough. It is  fucking wonderful
with a capital C! OMG! Every time I open my legs to my lover, its gets better
and better. I can feel every inch of the huge luscious shaft in every curve of
my body. I try to be a good girl, and take every long thick inch. It’s outrageous,
how my man mixes stamina with girth and length. Jeez! I’m surprise my eyes
are not stuck in the back of my head and my voice isn’t completely lost.

It’s an epidemic. Dicks of large proportion are taking over
the nation. Women, especially me, are becoming stone cold addicts. Why just the other day my poor lover, had to go shopping for all new pants. It’s all my fault. I feel horrible…..Well, I couldn’t help myself..I have to have it. I’ve ripped the crotch of every pair of slack he has. I needed my fix

Oh how deep he goes….I have every intention of being
obedient and staying still. However, the harder and harder he strokes, the more
my back arches and my ass lifts in the air. I think he finds pleasure in making
me beg for mercy. Hell, I think I want to beg and plead from him to never stop.
My body shakes and I know I experience multiple orgasms each time.

Diary?? Diary? Are you still there? I know we made a vow to
never surrender. OOH but that shit is soo good. My life would be nothing if he
takes it away. It’s my motivation to behave. I find myself running home after
work, just to sit on that dick. And I like it firm and as stiff as it can get. Fully
erect. My man has pierced my heart. And, I fully surrender to his will.

I’m Emmanuelle Monet. And, for my king, I’m a D.J. A true big dick junkie.