For Him (Dedicated to The King)

For Him

I use to be a plain girl
Kinda lame girl
Tame girl
Sexually ashamed girl
Not a fame girl
A no name girl
just a country girl
A really quiet girl

Now a changed girl

I’m a sexy body girl
A really open girl
A freaky girl
A nasty girl
A private stripper girl
A swallow it all girl
A ride it girl
A kiss it girl
A suck it girl
A girl on girl show girl
A naked high heel girl
A take it all girl
A in charge girl
A party girl
Big city girl

A whatever he requests girl
A like it when he watches girl
still a good girl
but a fearless girl
Because of him I’m not a girl
More like his woman

One thought on “For Him (Dedicated to The King)

  1. Your Bio says you are writing a book. Bravo! I look forward to it. “For Him” was very thought provoking. Don’t we all change for our men? Nothing wrong with it, just an observation; Love your poetry and look forward to more.

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