When a Man Loves a Woman



There are GREAT AMAZING men in the world. Lately, I’ve been blessed to know some who love me the way I am. From the one who deals with me each day and tells me off when I need it, to the one who chased me for 8 months and never gave up on me. Even the king from Detroit,who followed me 2 lanes of the parking lot two weeks ago; and of course my loving new new who goes to the boring museums because I love them. Mr. Louisiana, who makes me laugh. Mr. Chicago, who’s the sweetest. And,Mr. Adventura,who thinks I’m talented and deals with my attitude. From my friend in Japan, who’s adventurous; and the gentlemen up in Ga. My best gay friends,who I continuous build relationships with. Also, the ones from afar, who secretly love me; I love them. I’ve even managed, to forgiven my ex husband. He still loves me and supports LIBERATED SLUT.

My girlfriends have been through so much with men, but they have found really good guys. Their men love all of us and protect us from harm. We’re all different and have something unique to offer. We’ve managed to surround ourselves with men who see the beauty in all of us and that’s priceless

Even the strongest woman needs man’s love.Us ladies, live for the compliments and encouragement from our male counterparts. Even though there can be some hurtful men out there, they are outnumbered by the good ones. A real man loves a woman through her bad and good days. He never gives up on her just like she won’t give up on him. No one is perfect and beauty is only skin deep. A good man doesn’t care about superficial nonsense. That can only last for so long. Only a foolish man would look for perfection when there is no such thing

When I fall in love, I want a man to accept all of me regardless. I want all of his heart. No money, sex, or fame can compensate for real love. And I will not compromise real love for ok love. It’s the only way a LIBERATED SLUT woman will ever commit. We will not settle for anything less