Not One for Heart Break and Soul Abuse

For 2 to 3 years, I was involved in a relationship with a raging secretly abusive alcoholic. After my marriage, I should’ve gone to therapy. I needed help to get over the 8 years of shit I went through at a young age. I met a person who pursued me for a year until I got out of my marriage. I thought he was a friend but found out he was an opportunist. He knew the pain I was suffering and that I was in no place to be in a relationship. But he saw an opportunity to control a person who was mentally damaged. He did the worst things possible. I found out after the first time we had sex, he was banging the girl sitting 2 seats down from me at work that I disliked. He was trying to play us both. I should’ve left then, but I thought I  needed someone because I moved to a new state and went through my separation at the same time. Needless to say it was three years of mental abuse of the worst kind. He tried to tarnish my reputation and destroy myself worth. Physical abuse is horrible but mental abuse is the worst.

I could go on and on with stories of his horrible ass, like the time we were not together and I told him that I went to a party where everyone got naked. He picked me up and threw me out of his house. Then, he called the police on me and threw my stuff off the balcony. He lied to police and told them that I was armed and dangerous. The police showed up in a 6 car parade and jumped out with their guns drawn to find a small short girl standing on the steps crying. The next day, this douchebag decided to lie to the court to have a restraining order placed against me. He even added my jobs address to the report which was a bunch of lies. Shortly after the police showed up to my apartment to issue the restraining order, he sent me a text saying “that’s what you get you whore for fucking with me!”  I responded “You dumb idiot, I have your text to show the judge you’re lying. You’re going to jail for false accusations”. Needless to say he text me the next day and said God told him to drop the order. I could keep going, but that’s the past and I’m moving on to the future. I’ve gotten far away from him and his pawns. That’s all the matters now.

I will never let any other man treat me that way. I refuse to have children from a horrible man or be involved with one. With the help of my girls, I’ve learned to walk away quickly and move on. No woman has to take shit to be with a man.  I don’t believe all men are bad and will treat me horribly. There are plenty of good candidates in the world. A girl has to kiss a couple of frogs before she finds a king (I’m not into princes). The most important thing is being able to recognize a frog in the beginning and be done with him asap.  There are men that a great boyfriends and husbands; and there are men who are just good fucks. Most women don’t realize this because they are brained washed to always want a relationship. Most women are not comfortable with casual sex. Well I can tell them, they don’t know what they are missing out on. I’ve had some amazing carefree orgasms.  Also, most women think they can change a bad man. That’s really dumb because you can’t change a man. Only person that ends up changing is the woman into a bitter bitch.

I’ve made a decision that I will enjoy my life and men. I won’t let a couple of bad apples spoil the entire orchard. I’m wiser and smarter now. I know to get the hell on when I recognize a piece of shit; and also, to lay down the rules in the beginning. If a new guy doesn’t respect my boundaries and treats me like I want to be treated, his ass is gone! And, I will never ever fuck with him again. Things are getting better in my life. No one is irreplaceable!