Boring Sex (Why Men Can’t find the Freak of Their Dreams)

So Jonathan and I were having our usual sex conversation for lunch. And today’s convo is about how boring most peoples sex lives are. My input is that most people are so scared to admit their sexuality because of what they think society will say about them. If men keep calling women derogatory names, spreading rumors, and ridiculing women every time they do something sexual, it causes women to be very cautious and clam up when it comes to having uninhibited sex. That’s why so many women make it hard for a man to get a little action from them because they are scared of the reputation that will come from it. Basically, men need to shut the hell up! You are the reason why you are not having the crazy, exciting, mind blowing sex you could have. No woman wants to be ridiculed or talked about when it comes to her bedroom behavior.
It’s 2011,  sex should no longer be taboo. But, it’s because of how society makes it seem like the filthiest disgusting thing you can do; when sex is a natural human emotion. People have been fucking all kinds of ways since the beginning of time. If a man is talking negative about other women in front of a woman, he has just scared her to death. She doesn’t want the same thing to be said about her so she keeps her nasty freak to herself. What girl  wants to suck your dick if you just called another woman a nasty trick because she likes to give blow jobs? Duh!
We need to learn how to embrace and respect sex. Or, we will keep having boring sex lives with our mates. Dozens of  men sneak outside their marriage because they keep running their mouths and putting all these stereotypes on sex or  women who are sexually open causing their wives to stress out and not want to get nasty. So these men have to fuck every other woman to get that freak he is missing at home! I’ve heard on T.V., music, and in person these desires by men to marry a real freaky girl but can’t find her. In the same breath, call women who are freaky nasty names. Well now you see why you can’t find her idiot. Your fucking mouth is the problem.
Granted women talk alot, but that is well known about women. It makes men look like chatty bitches if they tell what goes down in their bedroom. And no man loving woman wants to fuck a chatty bitch! IF you men are all about the sex like you say you are then you would keep quiet to continue getting the sex!
You have these men who talk shit about a woman is a dumb hoe if she is open about sex. Keep on and you will be the ones marrying Mrs. Frigid who only fucks you in the beginning to get the ring. And as soon as you walk down the aisle the sex comes to a stop! Happens a lot! Why do you think the divorce rate is so high? Because women are not the freaks they need to be to keep their husbands from wandering outside the home! You do have women who are not sexual and these dumb ass immature boys marry them because of the traditional bullshit they have been taught and end up miserable and unhappy. MEN NEED SEX PERIOD! They require blow jobs on the regular. If women and men were more realistic about sex, we wouldn’t need prostitutes who have to do the dirty job!
Keep associating good or bad girls with sexual activity and these scary frigid women  are what you’ll  keep getting! Just stupid! If men would shut the fuck up and only talk about sex in a positive way, more women would feel comfortable and would give more sex without a lot of “relationship” red tape. There are a lot a women who don’t really want a commitment, however have to play that game because of fear of being labeled. A woman sometimes just want to suck and fuck the hell out of a man, but refrain because she knows that the whole city will find out!
You dumb ass little boys think that us women don’t know you sit around and talk about us? You’re crazy!  My blog mates and I have made a profession out of it! We don’t care what you say.We are open about our sexual activity. But, a lot of other  women do care!
Calling women names like chicken head, hoe, trick, skeezer just contributes to younger women hating sexuality and as they mature it gets worse. I’ve had it happen to me where I liked a guy so much that I wanted to be freaky but his damn mouth stood in the way and I just gave up on his rude ass. I mean I was sitting there mouth and pussy wet and he just kept talking shit. Talked his self right out of a blow job! He was fine as hell and I wanted to freak the shit out of him but he kept interrogating me and I could tell him and his little silly boyfriends were talking about me. All he got was some so so sex and that was it! No freaky shit at all!
As much as us feminist don’t like to admit it, the world still is led by the actions of men. If they continue to be disrespectful and hurtful women will continue to fear sex. And who suffers the most? The men and their dicks!