The Second Ritual

Their eyes watch me as I’m

chained and constrained

They linger in anticipation

for you champion

to open me up and expose me

To tame the beautiful beast who runs wild between my thighs

She knows no boundaries

She has no owner

She wanders free

horrible and iniquitous

devouring any man that she chooses

The legend of the feline

whispers from city to city

The pussy purrs during the night after

she’s had her fill of flesh and shaft

The trap was set

You’re a master of temptation

leading me right into your arms

I welcome the challenge

A worthy adversary to the pussy

She is in attack mode

ready to swallow you whole

The drum beats

The fire breathes

You stand erect and fearless

They stare full of lust


waiting for you to take the first taste

and soon they’ll follow

I’m spread wide open

They chant and beg

Do it hunter

Fuck her

Strike that pussy with a mighty


She needs to be trained

The sacared dance has begin

The beast screams in pleasure and rage

as you stab and pierce her heart

It will never recover from such vital wounds

Your wrath is like no other

It beats the walls and taps the G

I reach out for help

I cry and moan

but they sing of satisfaction

It’s the ceremony of the full moon

and I’m the sacrifice of sex and passion

I lay blindfold and bond

as the clock strikes 12

Your hand around my neck ready to

apply the collar and leash

Powerless to your domination

I submit myself to your rule

I am forever yours

History will remember your name

He who sexually conquered the wildest creature that

roamed these lands

A victory well deserved…..