Romance is Mandatory and Key Largo is the Perfect Backdrop!

Working in the hustle and bustle of South Florida’s corporate American cock fight, I sometimes like to call a cutie and slip away for some R&R time. I’m a sucker for passion and romance, and Key Largo is only a short car ride away. Like all of the keys, Largo is quiet and somewhat secluded for a little naked swimming and lover on lover action. There have been times I would drive a date down from Miami at night, and have a passionate love affair under the moon light. The ocean as the back drop, the warm weather and the soft sands are perfect. There are several discreet places right on the side of the highway. You don’t need to stay at a resort or get a hotel room. Besides it’s sexier if it’s natural and uninhibited. Now as most of you know, a sleepy town has a laid back mentality. So if you’re smart and careful, you could experience a hot, steamy, passionate fantasy without being bothered or disturbed!

Romance is definitely my favorite hobby! Listening to a lot of my girlfriends lately, it sounds as if all of them are deprived! Not me! I make it my business to have as much intimacy as possible in my life. Good sex is a must! I like all the clichés; wine, candles, music, etc. At a short moment’s notice, I like to slip away to a sexy beach spot and get it own with a cutie.  Key Largo is just one of many for me but definitely at the top of my list!

Of course I wrote something regarding romance. Come on now poetry first!

The Resurrection of Romance

I walk around this castle


because that’s the way he likes it.

On those hideaway weekends

when he locks me in

It’s just us two

From dust to dawn

I have nothing on

There is nothing sexier he says

then the curves I flaunt

around the kitchen


backyard etc.

At any point

he takes what he wants

I’m the prey and he the predator.

Who ever said

naked movement


candlelight and music

was overrated

We have become cynical towards seduction

no passionate encounters

we’re too jaded

Preoccupied with defining

undermining raw first sight attraction

Too busy with trying to gain titles

and ownerships rights to each other

Forgetting how important it is

every now and then

to thoughtlessly make love to one another

Letting the magic of affection

flow naturally


leading us into a matrimonial direction.

We move into obligations much to fast

not making sure we build a desire

a foundation to make it last

Dwelling on the hurtful scares and love wounds

from our past

I just want to sway

as the music plays

Get lost in the seductive verse

after a stressful day

Hurt free

Low key

Why would I strike with a brutal blow

when I speak?

I would rather whisper something more sincere


in his ear

as he pulls me near

The late night clubs

he watches while I dance

like he is lost in a trance

To return back home

no disturbance

no phone

or outside influence

Nothing that could ruin this

The rose-filled bubble baths

and the beauty of the moon

as it sparkles in the midnight sky

Not allowing this to end too soon


laying on his back using my breast with the oil and massage

as we talk and laugh

It feels good

to be treated like a woman

to have that kind of connection

A man who understands is about sexual freedom

and doing me right

getting carried away by the moment

Not about possession

I live to be wined and dined

to be kiss and hugged

to hold hands

to make love

How it soothes

and relaxes me

just to feel like a lady…..

Escaping this judgmental

mirage filled society

and all its self-inflicted tragedies

Just having him close to me

is all I think about

all I need

Running away from misery and circumstance

I’m going back

to living for romance

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