How to Reverse the Jealousy Game on Men! (A Woman’s Play Book)

Men love to make women jealous. It makes them feel loved and wanted, giving them bragging rights.  However, I never get jealous. I just get even. I’ve learned how to control my emotions and redirect my energies. I’ve used this plan a couple of times and it works like a charm. When you are out in public with a  man who has your interest, and If he starts to flirt with other women, it could be a game to upset you. This is what he’ll do. He will start by giving a girl the eye, then talking to her more than you. He will act like he didn’t mean to give her more attention. He was just being friendly. I know most of you fall for it and end up going home pissed and angry. That’s the response he wanted. You fell right into his scheme. He has your emotions, playing with them like a yo-yo! Oh but there is such a better way to deal with a situation like this.  You have to learn ladies, how to reverse this bullshit. And I’m going to teach you how.

When he tries that flirting with other women shit, just ignore it and keep smiling. Play cool! IT’S IMPORTANT TO PLAY COOL! That’s the biggest problem when you see another woman giving your man the googly eyes. Your first impulse is to get upset and scream “bitch! What are you looking at?” But there is no need to get Katy and mess up your make up! Just smile and keep it in lady mode. Take all that hostile energy and push it deep down inside turning it into sex energy. When you get that man alone you try to fuck his brains out! You turn acrobatic on his ass! Maybe you should drink a Red Bull and a 5 hour energy drink beforehand. Works for me! You make him scream and speak in languages he doesn’t know. Make him cum so hard that he’s comatose for the night and sucking his thumb while he sleeps.

Now you are ready for the next step.

Go to the mall and purchase the sexiest hot dress you can find and a pair of come fuck me heels. Make sure your hair, nails, and toes look perfect. The next time he takes you out, walk off and leave him standing there. Or, if you go out and see him don’t speak or give any eye contact at all. Ignore him all night! If he tries to walk up to you, then go the other way. Dance and party all night long like he doesn’t exist.

Now here’s the most important part. Find another sexy man in the room and flirt with him. Put on your best performance. Laugh and smile like everything he says is really interesting and funny. Let him hold your hand just a little. Get out on the dance floor and show off. I bet you in no time at all, your man will loose it. He will get so damn mad and jealous. Every where you go he will follow like a lost puppy. Don’t give in and pay him attention! Keeping ignoring but watching him out the corner of your eye. Just in case he tries to turn into the Incredible Hulk, you’ll have enough time to get the hell out the way! But if that doesn’t happen, just play it off until it’s time to leave. Give your new friend a hug and tell him goodbye because you weren’t interested in him anyway. Leave the place still holding it together. Then get in your car and laugh your ass off. You have just accomplished what most women don’t have the guts or patience to do!

Either two things will happen.  Scenario one, He will follow you and start an argument. The way you handle this is by saying “look I’m tired, I don’t have time to argue. I was just having a good time and giving you space. I’m not a clinger!” Then hurry and leave!  He will start calling or texting you over and over! Don’t answer! I bet he will follow you home. Or scenario two, you will make it home and he will show up later. That’s the best because he has had time to think.  He is drowning in his feelings. He will show up ready to wax that ass! When he gets there and knocks on your door, play like he woke you up. Like you were not thinking about him at all! Try not to laugh! Act very serious. As you know, there is nothing better than “Angry Sex!”

Either way you got him. Now, if scenario three happens and he does nothing, than fuck him! He is not the right one anyway. You don’t want a man who won’t put up a fight for you!

Ladies, you can continue letting men get the best of you. You can sit around crying and being hurt; hoping one day things will change. You can allow jealousy and pain to rule you. (That’s so exhausting!) Or, you can get you head in the game and start to take control of your emotions.  It’s all up to you