Angry Sex

I enjoy make up sex more than love making.  The mix of passion and frustration makes a man’s stroke deeper and longer.  After a vicious fight, I just can’t wait for my hair to be pulled and my clothes to ripped off. You should hear the sounds coming from my bedroom after a T.K.O. round for round battle. His hand prints stay on my ass for days.  Love and pain are equally fulfilling for me. Mouthy and tough as I am, I have to  be reminded who’s really in charge. My girlfriends know exactly what I’m talking about. When that man picks you up off the ground and tells you “spread them legs bitch!” Of course you have to give a struggle just so he can get stronger. You already know you will loose  control and end up on your knees. We live for that reassurance of ownership. Every time the girls and I discuss the sex we have with our men, we all agree it’s the best sex we have ever had.

When two people love each other the emotions are heightened. So when things get heated and feelings get hurt, loving making  turns in to hot rough fucking! The pussy gets tighter and the dick gets harder during an argument.The orgasm is incredible. Both people’s hearts are  in it.The things he whispers in your ear as he is tapping that G spot makes you scream and scratch. Wow! I can barely control myself just thinking about it. He feels like he has to prove who that pussy belongs to. And what’s better than the man you’re in love with putting that ass to bed?

Here is a little secret if you men didn’t know this already, women like to feel owned. We like to know we have you. We need to feel that aggression every once in a while. Even the worst disagreements can strengthen the bond in a relationship.

His Hostility Towards Me

He came in the middle of the night

aggressively knocking at my door

I awakened to his yells

As I opened the door

he forcefully barged his way in

out of breath

filled with anger

as if he was looking for someone in my bedroom

I just followed him quietly

half dazed


I asked why are you here

I thought you were satisfied with your lover

Her innocence

Her loyalty

moved you

She is trust worthy

unlike me you said

Swiftly he turned trapping me tightly against the dresser

My night gown torn barely covering my body

It’s because of you I can’t sleep he said

You fucking bitch you’re playing this game.

With one hand around my throat and the other pulling my hair he continued clinching his teeth

When I close my eyes at night

I see you

I feel you

Your body covering mine while I bury myself deep with in  as you ride me

your back arched

your soft breast in the palm of my hands

I hear your voice begging me to go deeper

not to stop

your mouth sucking me until I explode

I realize that I need you

Then the thought of you loving another man

Giving him what you give me

Him putting his hands on you

His lips all over your body

You calling his name

The sex faces that you make

You biting your bottom lip as he strokes harder

Makes me enraged with hostility


I can’t stand it

Just the idea of someone else fucking you kills me.

Don’t you understand what you’re doing to me

As he said his last words his hand remaining around my throat barely allowing me to breathe

Now the other hand forcing between the cheeks of my ass

I opened my legs and stared into his eyes

and  replied

Fuck me!



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