Tight Part 1


tumblr_le0sphZiIx1qcgtgmo1_500 He said, “something here is just not right!
You are LIBREATEDSLUT with pussy this tight?
You speak of sex like it comes in multiples night after night
So I don’t understand that when I’m inside you, it feels as if I was the only man
You’ve ever been with.
To me, it’s contradictory of everything you claim to be.
Especially how you speak of “free love” and bring everything sex to the light.
I’m sorry. But, something here just ain’t right.”
And I responded,
“So every time I speak, sounds like your dick gets hard and your mind gets weak.
This fake concept of a “Menage-Freak” that was created and manipulated by your sad version of masculinity.
And, I don’t blame that on me. It’s definitely you, the world we live in and this shitty society that makes you feel that women who reject and hide the actions of their pussies are the only ones real
or clean or worthy of love
I see! Clearly
I’m not the SLUT you wanted me to be.
And, I’ve lost my attraction because of your behavior
You think because you’re a man you can flaunt sex and you automatically get some kind of tramp waiver
So when you are ready for monogamy, it’s granted because your past doesn’t matter!
You dominate females and promote misogyny.
Your fear and insecurity controls the female population
And your intention is to black cloud and destroy our sexual liberation
To take away our rights to choose and build a strong power female nation.
And, how do you do this?
By judging the depth and width of pussy.
A woman is good and pure based off the fit
of how TIGHT it is around your lil tired ass egotistical dick
And, I completely mad with myself for even getting involved with this shit
But sex and entertainment, sometimes I need it
And tonight was one of those nights
But, something is off here
Yeah! You muthafucking right
It’s because of men like you, that it is proclaimed, ”DEATH TO EROTICISM”
And so many women would rather sit at home alone
They have renounced sexuality and being LIBERATED.
It’ evident that when it comes to being open about wanting sex, for women it’s considered wrong.
Because of the humiliation and judgement when they act out their sexuality, they fear the interrogation under the SLUT spot light
And would rather remain quiet, unsatisfied and just keep it tight”