When We Make love/The Daughter of Aphrodites Speaks of Love Affairs and Her Lover Responds

She started off with everything ain’t for everybody.
I can’t deal with the idea of being trapped
Held down by a lover’s rock
I need love that’s more like the wind
Freely ascending and swaying from place to place
A want to be the charming breeze floating in from the sea
Cool and revitalizing
accompanied by a quiet storm
Every caress soft and smooth
A momentary affair of passion
Is what I can give
Days are never the same
The weather comes and goes
In the temperature you can always expect a change
Because of the indecisiveness of degrees
You can’t depend on a constant breeze”

He responded
“I have those hot days
Scorching and fiery
The sun can be merciless
The air dry and still
distressing my labor
All I have
Is the peace of a cool moon lit night
On the sands I lay staring out into the ocean
The waves rolling back and forth
The one thing that I can depend on
Is the seduction and romance of a beautiful wind
And with all its charm and pleasure I know
That a breeze has to flow free
As it pleases it will come and go
Though I’m in love with how she feels
So smooth and lovely
I can’t confine her
She exists to love and be loved by whoever she chooses
But I appreciate her
The time she gives day by day
Calming and relaxing
Accompanied by a quiet storm whenever she comes my way”