The Coochie Coupon

coochie coupone

Now, I know you are probably wondering what in hell is a coochie coupon? Well, lets discuss.

Have you ever started dating a man that you really liked? And, he does something expected like come to your rescue when your car breaks down on the side of the road. Or, surprises you with a romantic dinner? Or, maybe even beautiful flowers at work. Or, he is just really irresistibly sexy.

Maybe it’s a man that you are not dating at all. Like a close guy friend who you can always depend on. He fixes broken things around your house. He takes your trash out or brings your groceries in. He’s always there to comfort you when you ever you call.

Or, those nights you hit the club and again meet a hot irresistible man. He keeps on telling you how sexy you are and buying you drinks. He dances the right way and he touches you in the right places. You can’t deny the instant connection you have…

These are all perfect reasons to give out a coochie coupon.

Now, some coupons never expire. And, some have an expiration date. Some women give them out carelessly. And, some women are very picky and choosy about who receives them.  How or when they can be redeemed is up to the woman. Sometimes you will regret giving out a coupon to someone you thought was worthy. And, sometimes you will regret letting some great guy pass and never giving him one at all. Yep, comes along with the territory.

Now, you ask the question, shouldn’t a woman give a coochie coupon to her man only. Huh no! If he is her man, then he should have a coochie credit card with no limit. And, his payment should be love and loyalty.

Now as fun and erotic as it may seem, the coochie coupon is not just for laughs. It’s serious. Choose wisely…