During the Storm …(Sandra)

We stay in on days like this. Her boyfriend calls and tells her that he’ll come over later, when the weather calms down. My lover works until 10 and has a term paper due on Monday. The rain’s falls heavily against the window. The dorm hallways are quiet with no one in sight. The air never seems to work properly. The heat is unbearable causing us to strip down to our underwear.We open the bottle of Patron stashed under my bed, take a shot,  and surf porn sites on the internet to keep things interesting. This happens every stormy afternoon after drinking Tequila. I feel the sudden urge of drunken horniness from watching video after video of hot sex.  We take another shot; she kisses me, and slides her fingers into my panties. I’m soaking wet as her fingers rotate around my soft spot. I lift her up onto the desk , remove her panties, and  bury my face deep between her legs. I taste her until she cums. She goes to her side of the room to find the half smoked joint from last week’s party. We grab our raincoats, and head to the roof.

Once we’re on the roof, we take a hit of the joint, and try to stay dry in the stairwell door way. She pulls me inside and leans me up against the wall next to the stairs. She kneels down and places one of my legs on the rail. She invades me with her hands while she licks my soft spot. Her fingers thrust harder until I climax. It’s still pouring down outside. We return to our room, curl up in my bed, and sleep the remainder of the day

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  1. it’s been raining where i am today, and thoughts like this would not leave my mind! and it’s just torture to not be able to act on them… 🙁

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