The Chase: The First Time I Give It To You

Last night I had a dream that after our usual dinner, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I followed him out to his car and gave myself to him right then and there. No time to wait …I have a man when I see fit. I give in to passion when I feel it

The chase

You consider your mind

to be

one of the most intricate to surmount

You’re not easy to lure to love

But sometimes he enters the room

and you find yourself

more than physically in love

You find yourself emotionally involved

His movement and sound

his smile and laughter



For you he is the sweetness of life

You consider yourself stronger than the ordinary

so this has to be something more



like a sudden rapture

He is your soul thief

and you wish for

a moment of his attention

one second of his affection

You whisper


just look at me, say something …

love me.

But you consider yourself beyond begs and pleads

With every meeting he brings you to your knees

somewhere you’ve never been before

and for the first time

you could  care less if the world knows

You are determined to be his lover

at whatever sacrifice

You are willing to give it all to him

what ever he asks

what ever he wants

But you consider yourself one who is always in control

Now you are completely open and vulnerable

Knowing he can destroy you

break you down

He has that power over you

and still after carelessly evaluating the risks

you initiate the chase

And it thrills you in the most amazing way

You’re imploring for more

you want to be only his

You’re thoughts are becoming more traditional towards love, you want him to promise his loyalty

But you consider yourself incapable of faithfulness

You try to be resistant to his advance

You  know his reputation

But no matter how difficult

He will prove he has you

There will never be anyone else

You are captured

But you consider yourself liberated and free…..