He Inflicts Another Sweet Paralysis

I lay naked in the middle the bed

as he stands at the end staring

“Open your legs” he commands

I slightly move my feet apart

“No further, as wide as you can,” he insists

My legs stretch from corner to corner

He walks to the night stand, opens the draw, and pulls out my double A self- pleasure

“I want to watch you,” he whispers

“The shake and twitch of your body

how you gasp for breath with each vibration

the way your eyes struggle to stay focused.

Show me how to make you cum”

“Take it; do as I ask,” he demands

He places it in my hand and turns it on

It moves rapidly in my palm

From this, I’m soaking wet

I begin as he wishes

He glares down between my thighs

He hardens until he can no longer stand the material of his pants

He removes them quickly

I feel the replicating pulsation up and down on my clit as I rotate the soft silicon

He moves closer straddling himself across my breast

  placing his hardness over my lips

Back and forth he sways

Then slowly he enters my mouth

I suck him deep briefly before he releases himself

He moves back down to the edge of the bed

Still watching me

He kisses my thighs as I experience convulsions from the vibrating friction

He licks my lips then gently sucks them

 I continue to pleasure myself

My heart races faster and faster

I can breathe no more

My mind lost

My soul is free

He inflicts another sweet paralysis