A Notch on a Woman’s Bedpost

If there is something that I know, I know the hearts of men.

And I realize how far desire can drive the heart

The extent a man will go with his heart to blame

for its obsessive influence

It’s like a whispering voice

ringing like a repetitive verse in a song

antagonizing his emotions

The want

the need

for that certain pussy

 lingering in his dreams night after night

teasing his dick making it extend out of his pants and                                  

into his hands just to get some kind of relief from painful desire

Oh desire how strong you are

You cause a man to do the strangest of things

Things that sometimes he can’t possibly be proud of

You can cause a love so deep or a hatred  so deadly

When his mind, heart, and dick collaborate

and set out to conquer that certain pussy …..

Damn… all he can imagine is possessing the sweet soft wet pussy

of that certain female whose sexiness seduces his desire

in such a way that he can’t focus day to day

The rage that builds inside him. It’s like a rocket filled with the most combustive

fuel, that only the feeling of the soft moist sucking walls of that certain tight pussy can ignite.

I live for that desire

The female in me craves it

I open my legs slightly

hoping that just a glimpse

just a small interaction with my essence

provokes his mind, dick, and heart to collaborate

and crown me to be that certain pussy.

Soon the hunter in him emerges

and initiates the chase

I want to linger in his dreams night after night

When he bursts out of his pants

and without a choice uses his hands for some kind of relief

from the pain that thoughts of my sweet wet pussy inflicts

my want for him to capture me grows

Because it’s the desire of men

That makes me feel like a woman

It’s their hearts filled with passion for women

that makes me love them

It’s when he corners me

singing those sweet words of temptation

seducing me to give into his desire

compelling  me to  allow him deep inside this tight soft wet pussy

That I know I’m wanted

I’m loved

Once he climaxes elevating somewhere spiritual

beyond the highest of heavens

and it was his desire for this certain pussy that ignited that rocket to

free itself from this earth

only then will I know that he is mine

And that by me he has been conquered.