It’s featured on the blog “Definition of a Sexy Man.” But it’s so perfect that I had to post it by itself.

One Night

So I was like u know what I want.
Seriously my interest are shallow with no deep intentions
My attitude cold and on target.
He replied I feel you.
But I’m a man with understanding of self.
I have nothing to prove.
I’m not insecure, so there is no reason to brag.
I’m not boastful or full of pride.
The characteristics of a school boy past.
I make love regardless if its a commitment or a short lived romance.
You will be a woman when with me
And, I will treat u as such.
I expect so much more and you’ll never be anything less.
At that moment he elevated my interest.
My demeanor and conversation changing
maturing again.
I felt soft and beautiful
He continued…
You don’t have to be mine tomorrow and we don’t have to speak of the future.
But when you open up to me
I want to feel like I’m the only man
and my name is the only ever whispered from your lips.
I want you to tell me its mine and caress me like I’m your king
The deity in which you serve.
And in return, I will hold you like no other women ever exist.
Like u were made for only me.
I will appreciate every inch of your body
I want you to feel comfortable,uninhibited and free.
Your true self will be my secret.
When the morning comes and we separate,you will think of me.
Desire me
I will be one of the best in your life.
And I will long for you awaiting the next time.
Even though luv is not defined by forever Between us
or monogamous,
we still don’t have to sacrifice romance
It still could be something beautiful
everytime we come together.
As he spoke,
memories of my femininity returned.
I felt sophisticated and smooth.
I felt like
even if for one night
I could just be a woman with no boundaries or defense.
No image protection or damage control of the heart
He was a man.
And, he expected so much more
That I could no longer accept anything less