The Friends with Benefits Agreement (part 1)

I’m a logical person not an emotional one.If I meet a guy and we both mutually agree we are sexually attracted to one  another and just want to hook up every once and awhile, then I am going to adhere to that agreement. I treat people based on what they  tell me.

If we are not dating and I see you in public, I will speak and keep it moving!  Because, you said you didn’t want to date me and I was cool with it, I’m not going to pursue anything else. Or, neither will I have negative feelings towards you.  I won’t think about it for a second or allow myself to love you. I will talk to other men around you and party like we are not together. Because guess what? We’re not! That shouldn’t make anyone angry or upset. We don’t have that kind of friendship!

If I sense for a minute that it’s a game that you are initiating to screw with my emotions, then game on! We will play and play. You honestly never wanted someone to just sleep with or you didn’t expect me to not catch feelings.  Sounds as if someone is stuck on his or herself!

You have so many people who say they can handle “just hooking up” but are lying to themselves. They are the first ones who start claiming territory and talking shit! Don’t continue to sleep with a person and be disrespectful towards them because they are not falling for you. That’s childish!

If you do catch feelings for a person, tell them. Be up front and honest. Don’t initiate any game if you can’t handle losing.  It’s stupid!

I’ve met so many men and women who do this dumb shit and get angry. What’s up with people being fascinated with jealousy? Does that make you feel good to know someone is jealous over you?  To me it’s exhausting and petty. Also, if a person you’re just sleeping with seems to be ok with it, why would you start wondering why they have not fallen for you? Maybe it’s because there are some people out there who are logical more than emotional. And they believe in whatever arrangement you have discussed! That’s me! You said friends then that’s what we are. Don’t try to make me seem like an emotional sap because that’s not me. I don’t lead with my heart!

Why would you want someone to fall for you, but then don’t want to be with them? Makes no sense to me! Is it so you can have bragging rights? Why would you intentionally try to make someone love you, to break their hearts? That’s fucked up and wrong. Oooh let me sense that and I will draw up a game plan so quick to bring you down!

I have been called mean, but no! I just believe in people receiving what they give.

If I really want to be with a person, I tell them! No games! If I don’t tell you I want to be with you seriously, I don’t !

I agree to friends with benefits and never default the arrangement. I mean what I say and say what I mean. I find that to be true maturity. If I’m sleeping with someone who doesn’t want to hang with me in public, then I will treat him the same way. He shouldn’t expect me to cling to him or get jealous. I mean who the hell does he think he is? I notice that people, want to treat me any kind of way but when I reverse it, they get angry. Lately, it’s both men and women who have been trying my patience. People are very selfish and all about them. If they can’t have their way, then it’s a problem.

If I catch feelings at any point for someone I’m just sleeping with, they will know. I won’t hold back and then get mad when it doesn’t go my way. Life it too short for bullshit!