Contradiction of Sex with the Younger Man (For the Women Who’ve fallen for a Younger Heart)

 I know I’m going to catch a lot of shit for this. However, I have to tell the truth about a relationship I had earlier this year. I did write how younger men are only good for sex and nothing else. I kind of feel bad that I made them seem so shallow and immature since some of my good friends are in their early 20s. There is a lot of truth in what I’ve written. But, some of them are good guys so I will kind of redeem a portion of their reputations. I’ll admit that I was dating a  young guy back in March of this year. At the same time, I didn’t know he was 5 years younger than me. Hell, I assumed he was much older. He had a wonderful career and made a lot of money, He lived out west far from his southern family, and we had a really good connection. But, unfortunately assuming made an ass out of me.

He was a great conversationalist; he was cultured and well traveled. The sex was fucking phenomenal! He was gifted with his tongue and his stroke was long and strong! We went back and forth to visit each other for awhile. Even though we did things that I usually only do with a steady boyfriend, I didn’t mind the agreement we had to stay in the friendship zone. It was nice to escape south Florida sometimes. Every time I would go to visit him, he really showed me a goodtime with no drama! He handled himself well.  Still, we agreed that since we lived so far from each other it was best not to get involved in a serious relationship. All this time I never asked him his age.

Things started to get serious between us, meaning that we both started to catch feelings. But something just wasn’t right. He came to visit me for a week and it started off well. He had friends who lived here and like before when he visited, he would go out and hang with them and I would go out with my friends. But, this trip he started to question everything like why was I ok with him seeing other women. He started to interrogate me about where I was going when he was out with his friends.I just reminded him that logically, we had an agreement and it was best to keep it. From that point, his maturity level plummeted.He start telling me how stupid I was because I didn’t know a good man. He continually explained all of his qualities and why I should be kissing his ass! Really now! We would go out and he would make it his business to flirt with other women in my face to try to get an emotional outburst from me. This is when I realized that he was kind of young. Instead of him sitting down and telling me clearly how he felt, he thought a game would be better. When he realized he couldn’t upset me, he starts having tantrums. He got verbally abusive in my house. Finally, I asked him how old was he because I just didn’t understand why a mature man was not able to effectively communicate instead of having angry outbursts? When he dropped the 25 bomb on me, I thought I was actually hit with an explosive! But it made since of why he was acting the way he was.

Honestly, I don’t think he wanted a relationship. He was so young with a lot of fun experiences to be had. However, like most young egotistical men, he wanted me to give him that kind of attention because he thought highly of himself. After all, a lot of girls considered him a good catch.  They wanted him to be their man. He couldn’t understand why I didn’t have the same emotions as everyone else; typical young man attitude! Because the young women he has dated previously let their emotions get the best of them, all women have to be the same way. Cute! Young men love to talk about their standards for women and why a girl is not good enough for them. However, women can’t do the same. Again cute! Young men you’re not the only ones with game and it’s immature to think you are! Women are GA! That means game appropriators! The older women become, they learn how to control their emotions and separate love from sex. Especially after years of marriage!

Young men, as you get older you will learn that everyone is not made to be together. And just because you are a good catch to some women doesn’t mean you will be considered a good catch to all. That shouldn’t make you feel any less. But, understand that different women can want and need different things. Or, simply the time just isn’t right. For me, he wasn’t the man I wanted. And after everything I’ve been through, I can recognize it quickly. Doesn’t take long to know if a man will fit into my life and there is no need to prolong the obvious.

From time to time, I think about him. We haven’t talked in months, he left upset and hurt. I feel bad because I really liked him. However, I can’t handle someone who can’t communicate honestly instead of playing games and having tantrums. That’s too important of an issue to lack maturity. Turns me off!  His motives were not genuine. Why would a grown ass man want someone to fall in love with him if he really doesn’t want to be tied down? Young man bragging rights of course! So from now on with any younger man, I think of it as a good time and won’t allow anything else. Even though there are some older women who enjoy dating younger men, and believe me they have their hidden agendas; it may not be for me.  Too much petty drama