The Danger of Cunnilungus



When I meet someone I’m interested in, and I’m ready to take the friendship to the next level; I ask myself two questions. Is this person someone who I can date and give my heart to? Or is this just a hook up for when I’m horny and between relationships? Depending on how I answer those questions is when I decide how uninhibited the sex is. How far I will let a man go with my body depends on my first impression of him. If he has the personality traits that meet my standards and has the potential to be a great love, then I will let him give me cunnilingus. Amazing head is very dangerous. Especially since it’s not a lot of men that can do it right.

If a man can give great fourplay and his intercourse is mind blowing then the heart automatically get s involved for women.  Think about it, if he is fine as hell and good in bed, he is lethal. We women are emotional creatures. It’s hard to hold back and separate good sex from a relationship. Most of us are not wired like men. We can’t have great multiple orgasms and walk away. A man will allow a woman to give him head over and over knowing that he will never be with her.We  women will try to make it work with a no good man who is a master in the bedroom. This is the biggest fuck up! Because you spend so much valuable energy hurting, crying and trying to make things work. That guy should have been a hook up or a friend. He was not compatible in the beginning. Every man and woman is not made to be together. That’s one of the reasons the divorce rate is high and their are so many children had out of wedlock. There are a lot of men and women who were married that hate each other now. Only thing they had in common was good sex!

That’s why I limit my interactions with men in my bedroom. I don’t like my emotions to be toyed with. I only get really freaky with men I want to seriously be involved with. Hell I don’t even like spending the night with men I just hook up with. Some have slipped through the cracks. But mostly, I send them home or I leave afterwards.

It’s Tantra belief that when a man licks your clit he can elevate you to a spiritual place. It’s been a couple times that I thought I was in heaven. And those men and I had an emotional connection. Infact, I let a man who I should’ve never dated eat me out. I was stuck with that no good bastard for 3 years. It was horrible, but I couldn’t let go. He was amazing at it and he could fuck as well. I tried to date other men to get over him but I kept coming back. He would lick it any place any time.  We would get really nasty! I paid the price in the end. He took me through hell!  So this is why this rule is so important for me. If you need that kind of stimulation, I suggest getting a vibrator. I recommend the bullet with  a silicon cover.

Some women won’t sleep with a man period unless they are in a relationship. That’s cool. But I’m sorry I have to know a man’s stroke before falling in love. What if he is good on paper but horrible in the bedroom? Have you ever seen Sex and the City, when Charlotte married Trey before having sex? See what happened? It took him months before he could get it up!  You take a car for a test drive before buying it to make sure it’s right for you? Same rule applies to men. Worst thing you could do is get involved with a man who is horrible at sex. Let’s see how deep in love you will stay!

I advise any woman to make sure the man she is involved  is worth giving her heart to before  she starts getting freaky with him. It’s best not to waste valuable time. We are not getting younger! A woman’s years are precious and not to be taken for granted. Make sure he is a good man to you before pushing his head down.

Selective Interaction with The Tongue

I don’t let every tongue between my legs

I said

You see

The tongue has a certain possession over the pussy

Convincing the heart to love

clouding judgement

over powering the head

A kiss of cunnilingus

Can be spiritual

It posses Tantric power

That’s life altering

As the mouth sucks and caress the clit

The body experiences

an euphoria,

A heavenly divinity

A supernatural bliss

And honestly, I don’t know right now in my life

That I’m ready or prepared for this

So NO!

Not just any man can spread my thighs

and go


Because its has been said or maybe it was somewhere I read

That if he fucks around

and does its right

Then he will have me

Miss loving to be free

craving him

desiring him night after night

Capturing and holding claim to me

I will be his prisoner



His prize

His trophy

One of his conquests

All during my day

He will own my thoughts

my pussy’s emotions who love to

manipulate my heart

then my mind will soon follow


Because a flicker of the tongue has been known to have that kind of control

At the very moment when he tries to slide sweetly to his knees

I will cry out and  beg him please


I’m really not trying to be rude

For love and commitment

I’m just not in the mood

Even though he requests

on his face I will not sit

to grind my hips

back and forth

over his lips

I will not allow myself to feel his licks from behind or his finger tips (at the same time)

entering me.

I don’t want to take a chance on romance

For a relationship I just don’t have the energy

Some say its a folks tale or a historical myth

but us who have been there know its some dangerous shit.

It can drive a woman mad

making her act out, attack, and throw horrible fits

In most cases the tongue can out do the dick

and  I’m not even trying to get involved with it

So I declare from this moment forward

I will be the only one who might

not always but maybe

offer oral

To someone who I really kinda like

Because from what I’m told


can make a mortal woman in to a goddess (If she performs at her best )

Giving her the power and the ultimate  control.