I Like It When We Part 1 (Emmanuelle)


I like it when we get lost on some exotic ocean front hideaway island after an argument. He’s going to punish me for being disobedient. He grabs me by the hair and strips off my clothes, except my panties.  I lay across his lap and wait for my punishment. He firmly slaps my ass wanting me to cry out. Then, he slides my panties down and grabs the strawberry flavored oil.He knows how much I like it when he rubs the sticky warm sensation all over my ass. He slaps it hard again. I cry out, but beg him to continue. There is pleasure in every painful strike. He then lays me across the bed. With my back arched and my ass in the air, he drizzles the oil down my back; then, between my ass cheeks. He watches as it falls between my lips. He continues to rub the oil all over my body as he begins to kiss my cheeks. Then his tongue samples the mix of the strawberry flavor and my clit. I’m in ecstasy but I’m anxious to return the favor.

Every time we disagree, my taste buds crave him. I push him away and grab the oil. He stands waiting on my next move. I start at his chest, following the trail of the the strawberry flavor with my tongue until I end up on my knees. I take him into my mouth quickly with a firm grip; over and over gain. Then, pull him out slowly. I won’t let him cum. No….Not yet! I rub him all over my breast. I rise from my knees and push him on to the bed. I climb on top of him backwards and force my way back into is mouth. We taste each other at the same time. I feel myself slipping away into a climax. But, I’m determined to cum while he is inside me. I quickly change positions. I straddle him in reverse, so he can look at my ass shining. I want him to see how his enters me. It feels so good as he keeps tapping my spots. I shake my ass and slide up and down. I scream his name, holding back, so we can climax together.  He swells and throbs, the faster I ride. He can’t hold it any longer, neither can I. ……………………………..Breathe in ………….Breathe out………………I’m cumming awh awh …..I love you