Please Take Care of Me

Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
No it won’t all go the way it should
     But I know the heart of life is good~John Mayer

I know now, that I’m all woman. Because, I’ve realized since I’ve been in this city, I love for a man to be affectionate towards me. I’ve met several men, briefly we talk; and without any intimacy at all, they show major concern for me. I receive text after text, to make sure I’m in the house safely after a night out on the town.  I’ve been around enough schemers to know if it’s sincere or not. And it’s been genuine.

This city surprises me, the amount of gentleman running these streets. They approach me sweetly and take me out on the town for a night of drinks and dancing. And, after a wonderful evening together, they walk me to my door, to make sure I’m in safely. They are protective, warm and considerate.  And, I love that. Yes I confess it, I love for a man to act all protective over me. And the funny thing is, the more manly and respectful they act, the more feminine and sweet I become. It’s like total reverse Psychology on this hardcore, take care of myself, I’m just as strong as you are, feminist woman.  Not once, have I felt like a piece of meat. Not once, have I been degraded and talk down to. I’ve been shown so much care and appreciation. I haven’t had to raise my voice since I’ve been here.  I’m not angry or on the defensive. And the ones I allow to touch me at all, they are so gentle.They hold my hand and wrap their strong arms around me. It’s feels good

Who would’ve thought, I the strongest woman, that never wears my feelings on my sleeve;  would become so submissive and loving towards men. I want to be cared about and respected from the first meeting. That very first contact and interaction, I want him to dream of holding my soft body close and sheltering me from the world.  It’s a blessing to be a woman. And it’s truly extraordinary when a man sees you as a precious gift, that needs to be defended, caressed, and loved.