I wish I could say ,“ I Belong to You. This Body’sYours”



  Call me crazy, but the influence of all my close friends being in healthy, genuine, relationships with people that really love them; is starting to wear off on me. After my previous lingering relationship, I realized I enjoy belonging to someone. It just has to be the right someone. I know that I’m not the easiest girl to be with because I’m really a different kind of woman. Most of us women say that, but it’s fact, that I am.  What I’m asking for , it’s going to take a man with a strong sense of self , to deal with me. I love having my roomie Danny in my life, but I’m ready to be on my own again, with my own place, and my own man. I swear, the king really did something extraordinary to me. Danny has finally found a love of his own. I’m happy for him. He listened to my advice and found a girl that was a perfect match for him. Now, I’m ready again to do the same.

However, even though I’m looking for a man, I’m not into rushing anything. I’ve been through some horrible incompatible matches, I got to be with  a men who can give me what I want; excitement, passion, luxury, and hot outstanding SEX all the time! I’m not a gold digger, but my lifestyle ain’t cheap, whether I’m paying for it or someone else is. I can’t be with another boring man after dating the king. He was so spontaneous. He would call me out of no where and whisk me off to an exotic location. Sometimes, we would pull over on the side of the road at night, and he would fuck me right on top of his Mercedes. I can’t stress enough the sex has to be unbelievable.  The only way to trap this wild beast is with the right weaponry. I need a dude to grab me up and wear my back out.  That’s why I’m not trying to have sex with a man lately. I want my cooch to be its most potent . When I let it simmer in it’s cage for a while, then release it; It can take a man out with one stroke! Haha My shit is legendary!

Seriously, I will admit my best sex is when I’m in love. And I like to be with one man I can trust, because I can unleash my real freak. Like, sending him naked pictures all day and telling how much I want him. Or, when he is out with the boys, I’ll send him a pic of my kitty as a reminder it belongs to  him. You can’t do that kind of stuff with a fuck buddy. You can’t trust just any dude to keep your freak a secret. And if you’re a professional corporate woman, that kind of exposure could ruin your career. I don’t need my employer finding out I was screwing in the bathroom stall in a restaurant. Also, I like it when he hits my spots and I scream out “fuck your pussy baby! Yea only your dick can fuck this pussy!” Now, you can’t say that kind of ownership phrase to any man. Do you know how that plays with a man’s mind? If you don’t mean it and he finds out, he might try to kill you! Words are effective, let me tell yeah! You can’t play with people’s emotions without risking getting hurt.

Also, I don’t believe in having unprotected sex with a fuck buddy. You have to be careful these days because you never know who else a casual lover could be sleeping with.  I want good sex without paying with my life.

I really enjoy being in love more than I ever thought I would. I like giving myself to one man and doing things to make him happy. I like saying,”this is my man.”  I want him to be on my mind all day. Then, I run home to him so he can give me that good dick! Damn! What was I thinking, letting go of my perfect relationship? I haven’t stop crying since I left Florida almost 2 months ago.  I went from making love 2 to 3 times a day to wonderful lonely Manhattan nights. Yes the men here are all over me. But, my pussy keeps reminding me, none of them can compare.  I hope one day I’ll be able to say again, “ This belongs to you.”