Dick Whipped

We all met up over in Central Park for Memorial Day. It was fun hanging with my girls and flirting with some sexy ass men. It was perfect afternoon getting to know new faces. However, at dinner tonight, Janet introduced me to a potential new new with all the qualities I liked. We broke off from the crowd for some one on one time, to get to know each other.  The music was right and the liquor too. But when he reached out and placed his hands on my thighs I froze up. Of course, he tried to come closer for a kiss, but I stopped him. You see my heart still belongs to the king. And, the thought of another man’s hands all over me….well.. I just can’t do it.

I told him I wasn’t ready yet. He returned to hang with the others and I went into J’s bedroom to be alone. I lay across the bed half drunk, touching myself while thinking of my lover. I wanted to be kneeling in front of him, tasting him.  I miss his flavor on my lips and my tongue running up and down his thighs. I miss his hands in my hair and the way he moans when he’s about to climax. I could please him for hours at a time.

I love how he used to come over to my house and sit in the chair watching the game. He would call me over to stand infront of him, remove my panties, and stick his hand under my gown; then continue watching T.V. Or sometimes, when I was in the kitchen, he would pick me up and fuck me on the counter…hmm..

Tonight I’m in bed alone again..I guess J’s right, I’m dick whipped