A Man Like You

I sit here somewhere between exhaustion and restlessness
Another heartbroken sleepless night in this new city I love
I’m not one for regret, but sacrificing you could be my biggest mistake yet
Will I ever meet another man like you? Probably not
How you impressed me.
The way you can dance along the edge but never lose yourself
I’ve never met a man that could keep up with me
Live wild and freely but only in small doses
We stood at the cross roads, not persuaded by any extremes
Flirting with enticement
But always keeping our balance
We enjoyed tasting the seduction of life
But never overindulging
Most men could only wear one mask
Playing it safe or completely dangerous
But you know just when to pull back
and come in from the game.
We could lie in bed night after night
For weeks at a time and the outside world
Didn’t cross our minds
OR we felt a sudden urge of energy to dance
In the dims lights of our favorite places
For as long as we felt the need

We never once listened to the criticism that our years of freedom had past
We didn’t care if our spectators couldn’t understand that there is a happy medium
Most men could not handle tasting a variety of lifestyles.
Most become addicted and lose control
They have to turn their backs on decadence all together
Run and hiding
Living every day in fear of temptation
But not you
You drink until you’ve had your fill
And so do I
And once we reach our moderate levels
We retire and drink no more