Stripper Pole in the Bedroom …Dancing for My Man

I want to start this blog by saying …Hell no I’m not a stripper. So let’s get the lies out the way. However, there is this stripper pole dancing class that I’ve stopped in on every once and awhile to learn some sexy moves for the bedroom. Since I have a man in my life these days, I want to keep him turned on and coming back for more. I care about him and he keeps me wet, so I like to do all the sexy things I can for him. That’s why I’m considering getting a pole in my bedroom. I want to give him his own private show any time he requests it.  We‘ve been to strip clubs together and I see how much he enjoys it.I think it’s very sexy when a couple explores a diverse variety of sexuality.

I ordered a portable sexy pink stripper pole from Of course, I had to go out and by the 7 inch come fuck me stripper shoes and make a special trip to Victoria Secret. Once I received my pole, I planned a hot and sexy night with my man. I went to the spa and got my usual body scrub and moisturizer. The body was soft and perfumed, the pole was set up , the candles lit, and the wine was ready to go.  Now it was time to choose the music before I received the call from security downstairs to let me know my baby was waiting. I figure I would start with Beyonce, then who knows. Just as long as we both end up naked and climaxing by the end of the night.

He knocked on the door and I answered in full costume. Then I led him to my bedroom, and then sat him down in the chair in front of the pole. The music was on and now it was time for me to put on a show. As soon as I climbed that pole and bent over, he couldn’t resist reaching out to touch. But, I wouldn’t let him until my dance was over. I removed my bodysuit but kept on my heels. I completely undressed him for a full contact lap dance. Well the night ended like I planned.  Anything for my man…