The Blue Print Poem~LET IT BURN

I promise tonight

 I’m going to consume the last remains of

Your sanity

I came into your life and the rain began

To fall all around

The power I have over your heart burns through

And the moans from your lips every time

My body contacts yours is my addiction

As I move back and forth with you deep inside

I watched your soul entrenched in flames

Let it burn let it burn

When morning came I left you abandoned

In so much pain

Only half of the man you were remains

You thought that you were clever

and strong enough to defeat my game

But there are so many things you never knew

Who’s lying? Who’s telling the truth?

Encouraged by the phony crew

You stood up against me and they looked up to you

Consoled you

But do you think that I’m the kind that runs and hides

I’m coming back to claim

The half of man that remains

This time I’ll make you go insane

And I’ll own your thoughts

You’ll lose to the madness of love

Come find me where ever I may be

You’ll go to the end of the earth just to be inside me

I’ve taken a vow

I’ll make you eat your words

All the hate you spoke, was never true

When you lay under me I see the real side of you

I’ll show you the emotional destruction a female can ignite

With Aphrodite on my side, I won’t lose this fight

For me you will feel and cry

They tell you to watch your step

but I calculate your course

and It leads right to me

I’ll let you approach thinking you have all the control

Your hands touch mine and lead me home

My dress drops to the floor

You remove my panties

And kiss my lips

Here comes the rain

 In a chair in the middle of the floor

I climb on top of you

And you enter me with strong armory

My legs wrap around your waist

I can see the pleasure in your face

You thought you had your heart protected

with a shield

But here comes the flames

I scream an ecstasy

Because I knew you had no chance against this pussy

The sweat falls from your head

As the heat rises between me and you

I won’t stop

There are hours ahead

To extract all the energy from inside you

You took who I was for granted

You thought you really could win

I’m a woman and I know what I’m capable of

I was made for a man to love

And you will after tonight

Because I’m the only one who can ease your pain

I’m flowing through your veins

Go on relax and let it happen

You can’t extinguish it

You and I are both weak against the flames

I’ve romanced your psyche

The blueprint instructs my every move

Against my seduction there’s not much you can do

So lay back and find yourself in me

Send up the white flag

Surrender, you’ve lost to my sex and magic

The most deadly charms

Now that it’s all said and done

You know that I’m the one

You’ve just died in my arms

Psychosis has set in

Your soul lies in my hands

As I walk away

 I give it to the fire

Let it burn Let it burn