Romance, Dirty Talk, and Strawberry Caprihinis for Lunch….


I walked into our favorite place and he was waiting on me. I made sure to look amazing by wearing something hugging my hips but completely covered up from head to toe. I wanted to leave something to his imagination. I walked towards him, my heart racing. Damn, he always looks handsome and suave, even in the middle of the day. He says he likes my baby face and woman’s body. I tell him I  love the way he smells and his strong embrace.I love to compliment a man, especially when he gets it right. I feel as if I melt in his arms every time he hugs me.

We found a booth in the dark empty restaurant. Decorated with low lights and sounds of jazz music, the scene was very romantic. I had to sit next to him. It’s like I’m addicted to the heat of our bodies close together. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands of my thighs. I exhale with satisfaction. His words are seducing. He continuously compliments me and lets me know just how he could please me if I just give him a chance.(Ladies, don’t we just love it when a man acknowledges what we have on and how good we look in it? We go through so much to look sexy, it’s only right he gives his positive approval.) My strength and resistance are weakening slowly. He moves in closer with his hands between my legs. The waiter walks past smiling like he enjoys the view. Then king leans in and whispers “I can’t wait until we spend the night together. I want you to cook for me. Show me how much you care for me. Then I’ll take you in the bedroom, undress you, and kiss you all over. I’ll make love to you all night. Then, I’ll make love to you again early in the morning until you can’t take it anymore. Soon, you’ll be telling me that it’s my pussy.” I blush because I’m a sucker for dirty talk. “Wow! This strawberry Caprihini tastes delicious.” I mumbled. ” I bet it doesn’t taste a sweet as your pussy,” He said. “Oh my,” I respond. I feel like a school girl with her first crush. It’s like a dream that I’ve been waiting to be my reality for as long as I remember. Reminiscing about that moment causes my fingers to tremble as I write this.

The waiter brings the lunch to the table.  I unfold the napkin for my bad boy and lay it across his lap. I kiss his cheek, and rub his back. A king gets kings treatment. I take a sip of the strawberry Caprihini and let it take it’s effect. I’m more relaxed and calm than I’ve been in a long time. It’s been only a week, and the days seem beautiful and optimistic as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. The mental  intercourse between he and I stimulates a psychological climax. And that’s what I’ve been missing, someone who fulfills my mind and caresses my heart. A man that slows me down and keeps me focused on simplicity. Wooing a woman with soft romantic words is still effective. And sometimes that’s all a woman needs in a cold unkind city like this.

“One day, you’re going to let me take you to the bathroom in a restaurant just like this on your lunch break. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you then send you back to work. It’ll motivate you,” he says. I laugh and respond “yes sir.”  I try hard to resist his request to walk me up to my apartment and undress me. He promised he would leave as soon as my panties hit the floor. But we know that wouldn’t be the case

When we don’t see each other, he consistently contacts me to ask how my day went. He makes laugh and teases my desire. He promises me that his situation has ended peacefully.  I won’t give myself until I have proof that it’s over. A ladies man is what I wanted and I talked him into life. I’m going to close my ears to the critics constantly reminding me that I need true love. I plan on enjoying this for what it is. Please king, play me! Next week, I’ll treat him to dinner and a late night swim. I think it’s sexy when a woman offers to take a man out. Until then….