Under the Lady’s Dress after the Museum

After dinner, we stopped off to my favorite place.

He didn’t share my interest. But, he knew how much the paintings meant to me.

He also liked the sophisticated scene and the crowd it attracted

We walked from room to room admiring the artwork

Discussing each piece as I held his hand

He listened and smiled

giving his time and attention to support  one of my passions


While socializing, somehow, we lost each other in the crowd

ending up on opposite sides of the room.

I stared as he talked and laughed with the audience

Even when he’s tired from a long day, he’s charming and charismatic

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. How handsome and brilliant he was

My man, and the things he does to make me happy

I was so turned on by just watching him


I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist, as he glared at the paintings

With every word I whispered, I kissed the back of his neck.

” My love, every part of me under this dress ; (kiss)

from the curves of my breast,(kiss)

to the sweetness, that’s warm and soft between my thighs, craves you(kiss)

My body under this dress, only responds to your touch. I want to make love to you tonight”


I grabbed his hand and led him out of the museum

I kissed him as he opened my car door

“You say what’s under your dress is mine,” He said

“Show me. I want to see what is mine”

I sat down in the car while he watched with the door open.

I bit my bottom lip, lifted my dress, and opened my legs

I could tell by his facial expression, he was pleased


I took him home , undressed him , and laid him down

I caressed his body until he was relaxed and calm

Then, I straddled him as he throbbed deep inside of me

I loved to take his hands and trace my body while I grind my hips

I leaned in closer my lips barely touching his.

I wanted to feel him tremble as he climaxed.


Afterwards, I laid in his arms until we fell asleep.

Tonight I made love to him, and it wasn’t about me.

I wanted him to know how much he meant to me

Sometimes he does selfless things to make me happy

without expecting anything in return

And It’s my pleasure, sometimes, to think of him and what he needs

before I consider myself.